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5 Common Causes of Clogged Sewer Line

November 9, 2015

Having a plumbing problem is one of the worst things that can happen to any homeowner, especially if the main sewer line is damaged. This pipe usually connects all the other drains and pipes in your property’s plumbing system and it is responsible for eliminating waste materials and debris.

However, the main sewer line can get clogged for several reasons and it is important to know what to do when this happens and how to prevent it in the first place. Keep reading this article to discover 5 common causes of a clogged sewer line.

Pouring grease in the kitchen sink

This is a common and seriously bad habit that can lead to clogged drains. As you probably already know, fats, oils, and grease are not soluble in water and they tend to solidify after a couple of hours or days, causing a major blockage in a drain. You should never dispose of cooking oils or grease by pouring it into the sink. The best way you can get rid of grease is to put it into a separate container until it solidifies and then throwing it into the trash can.

Flushing large debris down the toilet

Some people think that the toilet should be used as a trash can when it comes to disposing of waste materials, but this is a big mistake. You should only flush paper and human waste down the toilet and never things like food, solid objects or the traditional golden fish!

Although the pipes that collect waste materials from the toilet are quite large, they can quickly become clogged and cause a major problem to the main sewer line. It is important for the homeowner to also instruct his family members to avoid throwing inappropriate things into the toilet such as bags, plastic objects, and similar things which can cause a big blockage in the long run.

Having tree roots that infiltrate the main sewer line

This is another common cause of a serious plumbing problem. As you probably already know, trees have a large network of roots which spread deep underground searching for water and nutrients. Since the main sewer line involves moving water from place to place, it is only natural for the roots of a tree to infiltrate it and cause serious problems.

The roots of a tree can grow quickly and in just a couple of weeks, they can cause a major blockage and even rupture the main sewer line. It is important to discover this problem earlier on to avoid more expensive sewer line repairs. Planting new trees in a yard should be done as far as possible from the main sewer line as well.

Having a sagging line

This isn’t usually caused by the homeowner, but by the quality of the soil around the main sewer line. In some cases, the soil can become very fragile and the main pipe will simply sink lower than normal, accumulating debris. After a certain period of time, this debris will become sufficiently large to cause a serious blockage and compromise the plumbing system of your property. Inspecting the main sewer line on a regular basis can prevent this problem.

Sewer line damage

In some cases, certain sewer lines can become damaged for various reasons and they will develop leaks. This might happen because they are very old and haven’t been properly maintained or repaired along the years. A minor damage can grow into a major problem in a couple of years and the sewer line can become so blocked with debris that it will cause frequent water backups in your toilets or sinks.

These are the main causes of a sewer line clog and as you can probably see, most of them can be prevented if the plumbing system is properly inspected by professionals. There are numerous companies which offer exceptional plumbing services at affordable prices.

Why is it a good idea to outsource this service to plumbing experts? First of all, the professionals have the required expertise and advanced tools to properly analyze the condition of the main sewer line. They know how to dig underground and look at the pipes with a special camera which can quickly identify damages, leakages, major blockages, etc.

The professionals can also perform the required repairs to minimize the damage and prevent water from backing up into your toilets and sinks. Inspections to the main sewer line should be performed annually as they are affordable and can prevent major plumbing problems which are much more expensive to repair.

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